Thursday, 1 January 2015



The matter is made up of molecules and the atoms make the molecules. The centre of the atom is the nucleus. Within the nucleus is the energy that gives rise to the atom which forms the molecules and the molecules form the matter. It is the same energy in everything. This same energy makes the fish, plants, animals and Human Being.

The human being is wonderfully created and is so complex.  This energy pumps the heart, awake or asleep, moves your body and propels you. It gives energy to your emotion.

If the energy is extracted and used to provide electricity it is enough to run the city for at least a week.

The question is what are we doing with this energy? Many people have used this energy differently. Those that use the energy wisely bring in wealth and happiness into their life. Wealth means the things that you always wanted into your life and you work hard and honestly to have them. They can mean house, car or well paid job. The energy is spent honestly and strategically to bring in car or house or well paid job. And as long they maintain the stamina blessings continue to flow into their lives without them being working too hard to earn it. Many do not even understand the power of this energy but subconsciously spend it to bring in wealth and happiness.

Being happy does not mean being wealthy. What it means is that you are content with what you have. All that you have brings happiness into your life and so you live a life that you want. You put your energy into things that bring joy and peace. There are many people out there who do not drive a car of their own or earn good salary but they have so many friends. What is it that they have that attract so many friends? It is the energy. You can see these people put their energy into creating friendship and maintaining them. It’s not that so they will gain material returns. No, definitely not, but they find joy and peace in friendship. But naturally what they don’t realise that it open doors to blessings that naturally flow into their lives. It becomes so natural that they radiate infectious smile which continues to bring in friends which brings so much blessings into their family.

There are those that abuse this same energy and always bring misery into their lives and the lives of those they are associated with. Look at people that are dishonest and live a corrupt life. They spend the energy stealing from their employer, from other innocent individuals. When they are caught they are either charged and sent to jail or even get killed. See the consequence it has on the community, families and individuals. It breaks the family, children can’t go to school, the wife may marry another man or no food for family to feed from. The criminal is shot and killed without having fulfilled his purpose of being born into this world. People who abuse this energy think what they do is right but in actual fact they bring curse not only to themselves and their families but the future generations to come and so it becomes generational.  

Always spend this energy doing what is right and always be honest in what you do. You will be surprise at how it will attract wealth and happiness into your life.

This energy whether you believe it or not it exist. It is the same in everything. Use it wisely and you will be surprise.