Sunday, 7 December 2014



Some people call negative situations as PROBLEMS and others call them CHALLENGES. Those that call them problems do not have answers drown themselves in the problems. However those that call them challenges always find solutions and are always on top of the challenges they face in life. The challenges are either small or big depending on how we perceive them. One biggest mistake we always do is to run away from the challenges and blame someone else. We already convince ourselves that we do not have the answer and resort to temporally measure that are painful. It is the reason why many people commit suicide because the whole world crush on them and the only answer is to take their own life. Some people take it out on violence and they think that that is the right thing to do. You know the power to hand any situation is actually within the person and not outside.  

If only people can create their own peace and look within themselves they will find the answer. That is why it is important to always feel good. Never allow outside negative force to influence your heart, mind and how you feel. Because it will automatically influence how you behave. Therefore how you feel is very important. Your negative thought must never influence how you feel. Never allow your emotion to take control of your heart. Because it is the heart that decide between good and bad. The heart must always be independent in order to make the best judgement and decision. Hence the heart controls how you behave. It is always important to take control your internal environment so negative outside force does not influence how you think, how you feel and how you behave. In doing so you will attract good people and hence wealth and happiness unto yourself.

So you see the ANSWER to your needs lies within yourself, it's not outside of you. You have not looked hard enough within yourself to find the answer. Stop looking outside yourself. The answer is within yourself.

Everything that you want is within your POWER and only you alone can release them. The reason why you go to school, read good books, listen to wise people, listen to scholars is to assist you identify and release the POWER, the ENERGY so you are able to attract the wealth that you always dream, you always desire into your life.

One thing is that never doubt your ability. Never doubt your dream. Your dream is true. What you see in your dream is what actually God wants you to have. The thing about God is that he will not show you the process to your dream because you will give up or run away. In addition the process is to mold you and weed out the characters that will inhibit you from achieving your dream. When you are experiencing challenges it is for this reason and do not give up or run away because you will lock yourself out from experiencing the wealth and happiness that you always want to have. Take for example the story in the Bible, God showed Joseph in his dream that he will be a leader one day and he became the Premier of Egypt many years later. However, he did not show Joseph the process to the Office and also despite the challenges that he faced he did not give up. Because the dream was on his mind and he probably knew that the challenges were to prepare him for the job.

The wealth that you dream about and want to have is within your power, it is within you. Speak it, execute it and it will become. Start now. You can make out of nothing the wealth you always want to have, possess.

Stop complaining about the traditional land, create your own land. Stop complaining about money create your own money, Stop talking about others, and the wealth they possess, talk about yourself and create your own money . You have the same energy, the same amount time as them. Start now. You have the ability, the power to be like them and that is what God wants for you. Go out by faith and make it happen. You will be surprise.