Sunday, 7 December 2014



Some people call negative situations as PROBLEMS and others call them CHALLENGES. Those that call them problems do not have answers drown themselves in the problems. However those that call them challenges always find solutions and are always on top of the challenges they face in life. The challenges are either small or big depending on how we perceive them. One biggest mistake we always do is to run away from the challenges and blame someone else. We already convince ourselves that we do not have the answer and resort to temporally measure that are painful. It is the reason why many people commit suicide because the whole world crush on them and the only answer is to take their own life. Some people take it out on violence and they think that that is the right thing to do. You know the power to hand any situation is actually within the person and not outside.  

If only people can create their own peace and look within themselves they will find the answer. That is why it is important to always feel good. Never allow outside negative force to influence your heart, mind and how you feel. Because it will automatically influence how you behave. Therefore how you feel is very important. Your negative thought must never influence how you feel. Never allow your emotion to take control of your heart. Because it is the heart that decide between good and bad. The heart must always be independent in order to make the best judgement and decision. Hence the heart controls how you behave. It is always important to take control your internal environment so negative outside force does not influence how you think, how you feel and how you behave. In doing so you will attract good people and hence wealth and happiness unto yourself.

So you see the ANSWER to your needs lies within yourself, it's not outside of you. You have not looked hard enough within yourself to find the answer. Stop looking outside yourself. The answer is within yourself.

Everything that you want is within your POWER and only you alone can release them. The reason why you go to school, read good books, listen to wise people, listen to scholars is to assist you identify and release the POWER, the ENERGY so you are able to attract the wealth that you always dream, you always desire into your life.

One thing is that never doubt your ability. Never doubt your dream. Your dream is true. What you see in your dream is what actually God wants you to have. The thing about God is that he will not show you the process to your dream because you will give up or run away. In addition the process is to mold you and weed out the characters that will inhibit you from achieving your dream. When you are experiencing challenges it is for this reason and do not give up or run away because you will lock yourself out from experiencing the wealth and happiness that you always want to have. Take for example the story in the Bible, God showed Joseph in his dream that he will be a leader one day and he became the Premier of Egypt many years later. However, he did not show Joseph the process to the Office and also despite the challenges that he faced he did not give up. Because the dream was on his mind and he probably knew that the challenges were to prepare him for the job.

The wealth that you dream about and want to have is within your power, it is within you. Speak it, execute it and it will become. Start now. You can make out of nothing the wealth you always want to have, possess.

Stop complaining about the traditional land, create your own land. Stop complaining about money create your own money, Stop talking about others, and the wealth they possess, talk about yourself and create your own money . You have the same energy, the same amount time as them. Start now. You have the ability, the power to be like them and that is what God wants for you. Go out by faith and make it happen. You will be surprise.

Wednesday, 3 December 2014



The heart is the foundation of life. It is where the desires of life is formed. There is nothing that has been said and done that did not start in the heart. It is in the heart where the desire to do good or evil forms. The desire is influenced by Site, Taste, Smell, Touch, and Hearing. These five senses of life influence the emotion and motion of flow of thought. Some times its very confusing because all the information congregate at one spot and the mind have to deal with them. The heart has so many desires and the mind must sort them out and prioritize from the most important to the least important. If however, the mind cannot contain the desires of the heart it becomes detrimental to the body. The force is sometimes too much that it destroys the body through illness or death. With illness the physical body tries to absorb the force and help the mind sort out the body to accommodate the desires of the heart. When the body and the mind can handle the desires of the heart the body stays in equilibrium and at zero state. You can call this level as been Healthy.  

The health of the person is determined by the health of the heart. If the heart is sick the person becomes physically sick. If the heart is angry, the person becomes physically angry, if the heart is sad, the person becomes physically said.

Truth and lies is formed between the heart, mind and mouth.

Those that blame others for the desires of their hearts automatically become liars. However, those that quickly take responsibility and synchronize the desires of their heart with the mouth are always honest. All these are influenced by Site, Taste, Touch, Smell and Hearing.

The eye of the heart sees through Site, Taste, Touch, Smell and Hearing. Without one the other compensate to maintain equilibrium. So you can see the why science says Site, Taste, Touch, Smell and Hearing are the five senses. They connect the physical to the spirit.

Keep the heart free from pollution, keep the heart healthy, and the good desires of the heart will flow to you with less energy spent.

Smile, one of the desires of the heart is Good Health, as you read this article best health is already yours. Believe it and you will have it.

Saturday, 29 November 2014



The matter is made up of molecules and the atoms make the molecules. The centre of the atom is the nucleus. Within the nucleus is the energy that gives rise to the atom which forms the molecules and the molecules form the matter. It is the same energy in everything. This same energy makes the fish, plants, animals and Human Being.

The human being is wonderfully created and is so complex.  This energy pumps the heart, awake or asleep, moves the body and propels it forward. It gives energy to every emotion.

If this energy is extracted and used to provide electricity it is enough to run the city for at least a week.

The question is what are we doing with this energy? Many people have used this energy differently. Those that use it wisely bring in wealth and happiness into their life. Wealth means the things that you always wanted into your life and you work hard and honestly to have them. They can mean house, car or well paid job. The energy is spent honestly and strategically to bring in car or house or well paid job. And as long as one maintains the stamina blessings continue to flow into their lives without working too hard to earn it. Many do not even understand the power of this energy but subconsciously spend it to bring in wealth and happiness.

Being happy does not mean being wealthy. What it means is that one is content with what he or she have. All that you have brings happiness into your life and so you live a life that you want. You put your energy into things that bring joy and peace. There are many people out there who do not drive a car of their own or earn good salary but they have so many friends. What is it that they have that attract so many friends? It is the same energy. You can see these people put their energy into creating friendship and maintaining them. It’s not that so they will gain material returns. No, definitely not, but they find joy and peace in friendship. Naturally what they don’t realise is that it open doors to blessings that naturally flow into their lives. It becomes so natural that they radiate infectious smile which continues to bring in friends which brings so much blessings into their family.

There are those that abuse this same energy and always bring misery into their lives and the lives of those they are associated with. Look at people that are dishonest and live a corrupt life. They spend the energy stealing from their employer, from other innocent individuals. When they are caught they are either charged and sent to jail or even get killed. See the consequence it has on the innocent wife and the children. It breaks the family, children can’t go to school, the wife may marry another man or no food for family to feed from. The criminal is shot and killed without having fulfilled his purpose of being born into this world. People who abuse this energy think that what they do is right but in actual fact they bring curse not only to themselves and their families but the future generations to come. You find that those that live a poor life always live poor.

Always spend this energy doing what is right and always be honest in what you do. You will be surprise at how it will attract wealth and happiness into your life.

This energy whether you believe it or not it exist. It is the same in everything. Use it to your benefit.

Saturday, 22 November 2014

Mamadi's Blog: GOD LIVES IN THE HEARTThe true living God is a Sp...

The true living God is a Sp...
: GOD LIVES IN THE HEART The true living God is a Spirit. He is in three persons - God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. ...



The true living God is a Spirit. He is in three persons - God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. God the Son is Jesus Christ. He is the same God that created the heavens and the earth. He also created human beings in His own image and likeness (Genesis chapter 1 verse 26-And God said, Let us make man in our own image and after our likeness: and let have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth). Because God is Spirit He takes residence in the Hearts of those that accepted Him. It is through these people (people who allow God to live in their heart) that God does what He wants on earth. He influences their mind and attitude and hence in the way they physically behave and do things. God wants to be chosen, accepted and live in every heart. However, in the beginning when God created the first human being Adam He gave all authority for human beings to Adam. This authority is found in the Holy Bible in Genesis chapter 1 verse 28: And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth. The power to choose is a blessing and it is given by God. If God takes back the power to choose from man it makes God a liar. Because God is always true to His word He did not take anything back that He blessed the man with even after man sinned. You would see that man is spelt man. In this context man means singular, plural, men, women and children. In God everyone is same and equal hence there is no distinction. The authority is generational. Which means that every person that is born possess the power to choose. God already chose man because He created man in his own image, however he does not have the power to make man to choose Him. Because the power to choose God is in the man not in Him (God). It is because of this God waits on man to choose and accept Him into his heart. When man does choose God it is from that point on God will start doing His business on earth what He has in store for mankind who lives on earth.

Only those that choose the true living God and allow Him to live in their heart experience the power of God. They experience His love and limitless blessings. However, it does not make man immune to the challenges of life here on earth. God allows the challenges so the power and potential that He placed in the man is experienced and manifested. Exactly that's what happened to Jesus when he walked on the face of the earth. He faced the challenges of life to allow the power of God to be experienced and manifested. Hence those that choose God to live in their hearts are and will always face the challenges of life that come their way and in this manner  Gods power will always be experienced, manifested and in the process Gods limitless blessing will flow and be experienced. They all happened for Gods own Glory for He is the Source of Life.   

Wednesday, 19 November 2014



Mind is the interface between the higher power and the physical world. The mind connects the physical world and the higher power through the heart. The higher power imprints the influence through the heart. The heart than transfers the message to the mind for execution. The mind than ensures that the message is implemented and executed.

The body is the medium where all this activity takes place. The higher power, the heart and the mind need a medium which is the body to ensure the activity is implemented with the expected out come.

As a result all sorts of activities happen around us and we wonder what is happening. We mumble at what happens, we don't believe what happens, we can't understand what we see, we can believe what we hear it is all because the higher powers influences the heart which is executed through the mind.

When the heart is at peace the mind is at peace and good is done and seen. When the heart is not happy, the mind is waiting for instructions to implement and execute evil.

Safe guard your heart, your mind and your body. Do not allow the negative higher power to destroy you to the point of poverty, jealousy, anger, rape, murder and the list goes on...................... Be the solution to challenges.

There so many higher powers that influence the heart. Choose the BEST.

Saturday, 15 November 2014



Patience is a test of character. In the Bible in Genesis chapter 1 verse 26; man (includes woman) is made in the image of God. Not only that but also in the likeness of God. Likeness is character. Hence man has both the image and character of God and Patience is one of the many characters of God. Because God is patient He is slow to anger, slow to speak and slow to react. He waits and give opportunity to man to do that is right. He gives the opportunity to man to change and do for better always and all the days of his life. Man always react to situations and like things to be done their way and it is the only way. God is different. He likes man to do things His way but does not force the decision on man. He always man to choose because the power of choice is in the man. He gave that authority when He created man in the garden of Eden and told him to have dominion over his environment. God is always true to His word so he can't reverse His decision. He is patient so He will wait. He feels hurt when man does not choose His ways but He accepts the decision and wait until man change his mind to do Gods will. Patients brings out the attitude of God in the man. Patience makes the man to learn the ropes and art of true life.  Patiences is the foundation where wisdom is built, love is created, respect is gained, knowledge and skill is developed, learned and or transferred. Patience is where life is taught in its finest form. Patience builds up the man God intended man to be. Now I understand why Patience is a Test of Character. 

Friday, 14 November 2014



Every one have their own experiences of life and a thousand stories to tell. One thing that I have learnt over time is to be a solution to challenges. There have been many situations in the past where I have blame others for the wrongs which I have been part of. Over time I notice that it takes more than one person for any problem to occur or any good to happen. When anything goes wrong many times I ensured that it was not me and it was the other person that was in the wrong. I have learnt that when I do that I have removed myself from the problem. Which means that I have no part or responsibility. In doing that it makes me righteous and judgemental. However, when I take responsibility and identify my part and sort it out the situation naturally sort its self out. Now that I have taken this part I have so many friends. I begin to understand and appreciate people, value and honour them. It makes me learn more about myself and improve in my weakness. I have learnt that my weakness now have become my strength and better still become opportunities. It has helped me move forward in life as well as in the things that I do. 



Many people struggle with their life because they are not able to look within themsleves and recognize their potential to make a difference in their own life and doing so they able to help others. Individuals are full of potential and energy. If energy was extracted from an adult human being it is enough to power New York City for two weeks. This energy with positive attitude can make one very successful in whatever he or she chooses to do. One does does not need money to make more money but an idea with positive attitude. Out of that more wealth can be created.