Wednesday, 19 November 2014



Mind is the interface between the higher power and the physical world. The mind connects the physical world and the higher power through the heart. The higher power imprints the influence through the heart. The heart than transfers the message to the mind for execution. The mind than ensures that the message is implemented and executed.

The body is the medium where all this activity takes place. The higher power, the heart and the mind need a medium which is the body to ensure the activity is implemented with the expected out come.

As a result all sorts of activities happen around us and we wonder what is happening. We mumble at what happens, we don't believe what happens, we can't understand what we see, we can believe what we hear it is all because the higher powers influences the heart which is executed through the mind.

When the heart is at peace the mind is at peace and good is done and seen. When the heart is not happy, the mind is waiting for instructions to implement and execute evil.

Safe guard your heart, your mind and your body. Do not allow the negative higher power to destroy you to the point of poverty, jealousy, anger, rape, murder and the list goes on...................... Be the solution to challenges.

There so many higher powers that influence the heart. Choose the BEST.