Friday, 14 November 2014



Every one have their own experiences of life and a thousand stories to tell. One thing that I have learnt over time is to be a solution to challenges. There have been many situations in the past where I have blame others for the wrongs which I have been part of. Over time I notice that it takes more than one person for any problem to occur or any good to happen. When anything goes wrong many times I ensured that it was not me and it was the other person that was in the wrong. I have learnt that when I do that I have removed myself from the problem. Which means that I have no part or responsibility. In doing that it makes me righteous and judgemental. However, when I take responsibility and identify my part and sort it out the situation naturally sort its self out. Now that I have taken this part I have so many friends. I begin to understand and appreciate people, value and honour them. It makes me learn more about myself and improve in my weakness. I have learnt that my weakness now have become my strength and better still become opportunities. It has helped me move forward in life as well as in the things that I do.